Our Program

Our Program

Here at Oxford Falls Early Learning Centre we recognise the importance of the early years in relation to children’s learning and offer a responsive and dynamic program. Our program reflects our centre’s philosophy, our environment, our community, our families, and is predominately motivated by our children’s strengths and interests.

The Guide to the National Quality Standards (2011, ACECQA), describes an ongoing cycle of planning that involves gathering information on children, planning, implementing and reflecting that provides insight into children’s individual learning.

Each month educators observe each child engaging in an experience. The educator records notes on what is emerging and this will form each child’s learning story for the month. The learning story will be available to view on iChild, while also being included in their portfolios. The learning story will include an assessment of learning in relation to The Early Years Learning framework learning outcomes, principles and practices (DEEWR, 2009). The educator will then decide on how best to support the child in future learning and suggest a follow up experience that will be included into the program.

Spontaneous child initiated experiences will also be included in the program, inviting the children to actively participate in their learning experiences.

Emergent projects that are motivated by children’s interests as well as intentional teaching concepts, will be explored and put on display in our classroom. Investigation of these topics will include songs, craft, books, group times and searching the net.

Intentional teaching group times are offered such as morning welcome, Letterland, news, Willow and Wally Wallaby, music, computers, Munch and Move and school readiness.

Therefore, here at Oxford falls Early Learning Centre, we understand that high quality pedagogy ensures children’s learning and development is optimized, encouraging children to reach their full potential.

Our programs are a direct reflection of our children’s learning and provide visual documentation for our families. The Wallaby program is on display on the parent communication board in the Wallaby classroom.

Miss Janelle.