Lorikeet Room (2 – 3 Years) $105 Per Day

A day in the Lorikeet room at Oxford Falls Early Learning Centre

On arrival you will be welcomed by our warm and friendly staff. We combine for family grouping in the Lorikeet room until 8am, where children of all ages can play together and enjoy time with the educators. Breakfast is offered before 8am, including a selection of fruit, yogurt, toast and cereal.


The children in the Lorikeet room are aged from 18 months to 3 years. We enjoy outdoor or indoor play where they participate in a variety of activities combining planned activities based on the children’s interests, abilities and needs as well as spontaneous activities initiated by the children. Morning tea is offered at 9:30am and consists of fresh fruit, yoghurt, muffins, banana bread and crackers and cheese.

At 11:30am the Lorikeet’s have lunch. Lunch is a healthy hot meal. After we eat we have our rest time. We all have different sleep requirements, so during rest time most of us sleep and those going to sleep later or waking earlier enjoy quiet activities in the room.


The Lorikeets enjoy some more play time, followed by afternoon tea. Afternoon tea is served at 2:30pm and consists of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and a variety of healthy and delicious snacks including fresh made hummus and flat bread and freshly made muffins and oat bars.

Home Time

As the day draws to an end, the children are picked up at all different times. At 5:00pm everyone meets again in the Lorikeet room for family grouping and enjoy a late snack.

When you get home you can login to IChild and see all the fun things your child has done throughout the day. You can leave comments on the daily diaries to help the staff meet your child’s needs and provide ongoing support to your child’s learning.

Lorikeet Room