Lorikeet February Newsletter

This month has been a busy month for the Lorikeets, now we are all settled back into our routines we have been creating some really great new friendships.

February has been full of lots of sensory activities, with the weather been so hot lately we have introduced ice to our water play, the children have really loved exploring the ice cubes and we have even extended it by freezing objects or glitter in the ice cubes. Another sensory activity we have really enjoyed is the kinetic sand we have loved running our hands through the kinetic sand and seeing it fall through our fingers as it slowly breaks away.


Painting with our hands and feet was a very popular activity, the Lorikeets love any opportunity to get messy and this was a perfect activity just for that. The educators made long strips of paper along the floor and the Lorikeet ran up and down the paper with paint on their hands and feet, it really was a lot of fun!

The fire truck visit was defiantly the high light of the month, the Lorikeets really loved being able to explore the truck and spray water across the care park with the big fire hose.


Toilet training is in full swing in the Lorikeet room, everyone is doing really well and have become very comfortable using the toilet. If anyone has any questions about toilet training or needs some suggestions about tactics to use at home please feel free to talk to Nat or Elise we are more than happy to help J

Just a few reminders

  • Drink bottles, please make sure we are bringing a drink bottle, you are welcome to leave a drink bottle at Kindy for your child. We are happy to store them here and drink bottles that are left are washed twice a week and water is changed daily.
  • Hats, it’s really important to pack a hat. The Lorikeets really love to explore the outdoors so it’s important they are sun safe in the yard
  • Please make sure your child has sun cream on in the morning when coming to child care, the educators will re-apply the sun cream throughout the day.
  • Changes of clothes, if everyone could remember to pack lots of changes of clothes, not only for toilet training but just for back up in case your child gets wet during outdoor play or spills their drink.