The Wallaby Newsletter April

Dancing and movement is fun, and great for physical development.

Each week the children get a visit from Cheryl, their dance teacher. During this time Cheryl facilitates and stimulates drama, movements and creative thinking. During this time the Wallabies are able to express themselves through music and movement, dance and singing which is a great way to encourage the Wallabies to express themselves freely to rhythm and beats.

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Police Visit

This week the children were lucky enough to have a Police officer (Isobel’s Father) come and visit our center. The children had the opportunity to hop in the police car, explore and ask questions to the police officer. Needless to say it was defiantly a fun and exciting experience for all the children.

This visit ties in well with one of the current interests in the Wallaby room, occupations. Over the past few weeks the wallabies have been exploring occupations via role play.

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