The Echidna Newsletter April

What we have been learning in the Echidna room!

Over the past several weeks the children and educators have been working together to foster the children’s self-help skills.

The self-help skills we have been working on are:

  • Hand washing – before meals and after nappy changes
  • Labeling emotions – singing ‘if you’re happy & you know it’, talking about sad face, silly, face, happy face.
  • Feeding ourselves – using our hands and spoons on our own to eat meals

Encourage and nurturing the Echidna’s self-help skills help build on their autonomy and independence which creates confident young learners with positive self-worth.

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Echidna Room I wonder?

I wonder why bubbles pop when I touch them.
It’s a fair questions and one I am sure the echidnas are thinking to themselves when the bubbles come out. All the Echidna’s love bubbles, they are so enchanting for them to chase and play with. Over the last few weeks a few of the daily activities the children have shown a strong interest in are bubbles, climbing, tents and tunnels, dancing, and parachute games. The educators have planned experience based on these interests and also look for cues from the children to be spontaneous in our play.

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We love to wonder in the Echidna room and the children are forever learning from each other and their educators, that’s what makes learning fun and something we want the children to love as they grow.

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